Tee off at 12 on 5/9 and crawl to 5 bars in Downtown, Boston. You can sign up as an individual or full team! Work with your team of 4 to complete 9 challenges along the way. Keep your teams score and see where you place on the leaderboard at the end of the night! We’ll be giving away a $100 prize to the winning team! 

Your ticket includes: an awesome golf visor (must be one of the first 100 to arrive!), custom koozie, drink specials throughout the crawl, private DJ and complimentary buffet at the final location and no covers at scheduled bars

Sign up as an individual or as a full team!


The full schedule will be emailed to the attendees who purchase a ticket to this crawl!

Fine print:

Teams of 4.

At bars where there is multiple holes/challenges they may be completed simultaneously or out of order.

Teams keep their own score (honesty matters!)

Each hole has a ‘Par’ a ‘Birdie’ is one less then par, a ‘Bogey’ is one more then par, a ‘Double Bogey’ is 2 more then par, a ‘Triple Bogey’ is 3 more then par.

Don’t be an asshole, don’t cheat, both are punishable by excessive mockery.

You have to sign up to be a part of the crawl! http://www.s3boston.com/registration_pubgolf/

Questions? Email info@s3boston.com