Come join me in exploring the ICA before these two exhibition close! Admission is free from 5-9pm will probably head somewhere for drinks and dinner afterwards!!

When the Stars Begin to Fall

 brings together 35 artists of different generations and working in different mediums who share an interest in the American South as both a real and fabled place. Key to the exhibition is the relationship between contemporary art, black life, and “outsider” art, a historically fraught category typically encompassing artists who have not received formal art training and who may have been marginalized in society. When the Stars Begin to Fall includes artworks by self-taught, spiritually inspired, and incarcerated artists alongside projects by prominent contemporary artists such as Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall, David Hammons, and Theaster Gates. It presents diverse artworks—from drawing and painting to performance, sculpture, and assemblage—unified by an insistent reference to place.When the Stars Begin to Fall was curated by Thomas J. Lax for The Studio Museum in Harlem and organized for the ICA by Ruth Erickson, Assistant Curator.

Sonic Arboretum

“Deliciously sensual…Sonic Arboretum will take you somewhere else.” — The Boston Globe

Sculptor/instrument-maker Ian Schneller and composer/violinist Andrew Bird share a fascination with sound and its interaction with the natural world.

Since 2010, the duo has collaboratively produced Sonic Arboretum, an installation of over 30 colorful horn speakers made from recycled newsprint, dryer lint, baking soda, and shellac and powered by custom-made tube amplifiers. Through the speakers, Bird plays an original, 50-minute composition,Echolocations: Canyon, which he recorded by whistling and playing his violin in a canyon to experiment with the site’s reverberations.

Learn more about how Andrew Bird recorded Echolocations: Canyon in the Poss Family Mediatheque at the ICA. Sneak peek here: