MY INFO: I will be first going to the viewing stage at Ames St and Main St. So I will be ACROSS FROM Cambridge Trust Company (in red) in front of the metal fish, I posted a picture below to help. I will wait there for the first 10-15 mins 1:00pm-1:15pm before leaving to enjoy the festival. Come early to meet me, this festival is HUGE and I am not looking for people or at my phone.

A heads up, I will not answer questions I have already addressed in this post. I don’t drive so don’t know about parking. This is a child friendly, free to the public and open to everyone.

Use the comment section to find each other outside of store etc if you get lost.

Music samples to give an idea of what they will be playing:

THERE INFO: “Cambridge Carnival is a colorful and festive celebration rooted in African traditions. This free festival is celebrating 27 years this year and is considered a Cambridge Institution, and is the largest festival in Cambridge with thousands of attendees.

The highlight of the festival is a grand costume parade accompanied by rich rhythmic musicality promoting all types of cultures. Participants can be seen as revelers masquerading through the streets in dazzling handmade costumes, dancing to the beat of the Carnival. The festival is also an opportunity to celebrate Cambridge’s diversity, enjoy international foods, and purchase multicultural crafts from around the world!”

The Program: