Hosted by: Beyond Your Hammock & Claudia Connects

Happy New Year from Beyond Your Hammock and Claudia Connects!!! We’ve missed you all and can’t wait to celebrate with all of you at our first  “A Night in the Hammock” of 2015! As most of you know by now, this isn’t your typical networking event. It’s social… it’s business… it’s life! 

Have you found the key to success? Great, come share it with us. Are you stuck in a rut? Not so great, but come share that as well. Our goal is to create an environment that supports you in getting to the next level, no matter where you might be today. Now is only temporary and we have 100% of our lives to live. Let’s make the most of it!

There will be complimentary crudité and cheese and crackers. Also, if you are driving to the event, you can park at 75 State Street and the Harborside Inn will validate your ticket for a discounted rate.

Please check out photos from our Nov 12th event!

Thank you!

“The discomfort of choosing to do something outside of your comfort zone is temporary… it’s the distress of not doing it that lasts forever.”  – Eric Roberge, Founder of Beyond Your Hammock