Greater Burlington Monthly Business Referral Group – Multigroup Event

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$5 Advance Tickets/Register Now (FREE Apps)

Come Join Us and Build Your Network This Year
{Meet New People & Make Some Connections}

*We are having An Open Meeting for people who want to Help Others and Give Referrals whenever they can*

Any Industry is welcome and there will be No More than 2 in a Category except can have many different Lawyers as well as Doctors if they are interested in joining us!

[ Plenty of Free Parking in Lot/Reserved Area ]

Are you a business owner who is looking to grow you business? If so, this is the event for you! Our Business Referral Group is designed to focus on connecting business owners that can offer referrals to one another to help all participants grow their businesses.

Open Networking starting at 6PM, followed by All attendees receive time to introduce their business (Plan for this to be 2-3 minutes)

Any Questions: Contact Michael at or 978 631-6154

$5 Advance Tickets/Register Now (FREE Apps)